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Social Work Programs

HSP – Healing Spirit Program

The Healing Spirit Program was developed by Anishnwabe descendant “SSW-Jason Bailey, Strong Hearted Wolf, Turtle Clan” over a 10-year period during studying, training, and working on the front line with individuals dealing with impacts of colonialism and Intergenerational Trauma. The program is a journey for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals dealing with addictions or social based struggles in education, addictions, history, race relations and understanding. The fundamentals learned in this program are eye opening, thought provoking and all are delivered in a first nations perspective. The program highlights, what traditional societies used to look like, what happened to them, and where we are now.

“Any one, and everyone can heal; we first must understand what is hurting us” - Jason Bailey, 2008

This program is currently being used by the Minister of Attorney General, Direct Accountability Program to assist in social supports and education for addictions, colonial experience, and Intergenerational Trauma education and supports.


Safety Training


“Bailey Media Canada” and “C & R Safety training solutions” have partnered to provide professional and ministry approved training to North Western Ontario, and the North Shore of Lake Superior. We have a number of Safety Training solutions for your company and your staff.

Jason Bailey has had the opportunity to work in Pulp Mills (Power Engineering, working at heights, scaffolding, Lock outs, vessel entry, eye wash stations, emergency showers, fire watch), Saw Mill Industry (Machine operator, chainsaw operator, fire watch, personal protection, eye wash stations, emergency showers), Aircraft Industry (Certified Structural Technician, chemicals, paints, hand tools, personal protection, vessel entry, eye wash stations, emergency showers), Social Service Industry (Front line Social work, addictions, trauma, colonial process and intergenerational trauma), Construction (Framing, carpentry, scaffolding, working at heights, personal safety equipment), Cleaning and Maintenance industry (Auto detailing, chemical and detergent use and safety, eye wash stations, emergency showers).

Jason Bailey is also currently a program facilitator for HSP program for the past 10 years working with small and large groups. His ability to share personal experiences and communicate in an effective trainer role promotes topic learning, and builds rapport with trainees.

With a detailed back ground in construction safety, Industrial skills, and working with others in many different training applications creates the right learning environment for your staff and management.


We train using the 7 learning styles: Visual, audible, physical hands on, socially, individually, while stimulating the cognitive portion.


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